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​100 % tasty food

Bio, Veggie & Gluten Free

prepared by Helen


"Helen Mange met les grands plats dans les petits"

-Réussir en Périgord - 

healthy products

balanced cooking

My ingredients are issue from the biological culture, grown on living ground, in total respect with the biodiversity.


12h - 13h30

La Belle

quality label

I work with local suppliers, vegetable growers engaged in the preservation of the biodiversity. I only use natural products without gluten (Alisa's flours).

my reduction of  the environmental impact

By offering a system of deposit on the jars, by composting all the organic food waste, which makes my chicken really happy !

long life products

Some products are prepared to be kept at room temperature for few years.

 local suppliers

Le Mille Feuilles, bio shop, Plazac

La famille Teulet, bee keeper, La Roche l'Abeille

Frédéric Helfenberger, bio vegetable growers, Bars

La Ferme des Olivoux, bio vegetable growers, Montignac

Les Jardins de la Boscornut, bio vegetable growers, St Orse

Fourcade Emballage, Saint Geniès

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